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Posted By Admin on 08/01/19

I actually don’t know for sure what the dictionary or absolute correct difference is between beautiful and hot and perhaps that is because English isn’t my mother tongue. I’ve just always used it kind of like beautiful being connected to appreciation and hot is when it turns you on.

So if I didn’t have the meanings spot on then perhaps the title makes sense now that you understand how I understand it.

So this girl, and quite frankly all of the girls on this site are beautiful and just about all of them are hot too. Where they find so many girls of this calibre all willing to take their clothes of and share those pic on the net is beyond me. And that’s not even mentioning having sex on film.

This guy needs to be careful though fucking with his knob out of the fly of his jeans like that. I did that once and got such a painful chafing rash.

Anyways, check out this sweet special deal where you can save 75% with a Nubiles discount.

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Posted By Admin on 07/04/19

I’m well aware that Club Seventeen specialises in teen porn although I honestly have no idea what the “seventeen” bit is about because it is definitely suggestive of the age as that would be illegal. They have been around for quite some time and I have never seen anything but teens only in any of their scenes but I also have to admit that I have not exactly watched hundreds of their scenes either.

And then this pic rolled by and now I’m wondering… is this a mom and daughter scene? What is actually going on here, have they now gone completely freaky?

It’s not a complaint at all. I mean it’s weird if you consider the real life impact of it but I mean as long as it’s not your mom and sister then the taboo element this brings makes it extra raunchy doesn’t it?

I’ve seen some mom and daughter casting couch stuff before and even though that is obviously fake it still is pretty damn hot.

Well, I’m going to grab myself this Club Seventeen discount for up to 79% off and check it out because I am now intrigued. Besides, at this price it’s pretty much free.

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Posted By Karlie on 11/07/18

Can you imagine being a girl that wants to get started in the porn industry. Auditioning for roles and praying for your big break. It must be terrifying. Never knowing what you’re walking into. Never knowing what they’ll ask of you. Being on the other side must be exhilarating though. Being the one that controls who gets in and who doesn’t. Deciding what sex act you want them to do. The whole situation is extremely erotic.

Right now you can save 52% off with a Woodman Casting X discount. Watch as these stunning women bare all and do whatever is asked of them in the hopes that they’ll make the cut. They’re willing to suck as much cock as it takes and fuck as many people as they get the chance to. Luckily as the viewer you get to see it all. Each girl puts her best effort into each scene and it shows. The passion they have for their craft is highly erotic and I can’t stop watching.

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Posted By Karlie on 09/21/18

Looking for girl on girl action but tired of the same old boring sites where it’s so very obvious that the girls aren’t even into it and have no clue how to really please one another?  They just fumble around doing what they think guys want to see. This site isn’t like that. These girls love being with other girls. You can watch as they take the time to make love to one another instead of just going at it. They’re sensual and sexy as hell. They tease each other and really take the time to get each other off. It’s not just finger banging and pussy licking. They wear lingerie and seduce one another.

Get access to over 2,000 videos to watch over a thousand women get their pussies wet. You can even join a forum to discuss what’s coming up or something you’ve already seen. They make it a no brainer by giving you a 67% off discount to Sapphic Erotica. Never watch girls faking it again. Watch women that love pussy as much as you do.

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Posted By Admin on 06/08/18

Massage porn is one of my favourite genres and I can only imagine it is because of the intense eroticism involved.

I am personally a giver in general and get off on providing pleasure more than receiving. Massage is a fantastic platform to engage with someone who enjoys receiving and it is this combination that gets my blood pressure up in a flash.

You can get 67% off with a discount to Fantasy Massage which is a whopping $20 off the regular price of a 30-day pass and gets you in for only $9.95.

Perhaps you’re also a big fan of the genre like I am and wish to benefit, as I am, from the longer term yearly subscription which really is a steal at a $7.95 per month equivalent.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time scoping out sites and specials and as a fan, this is the one I chose. I hope you find that bit of information useful.

There’s a really sweet bonus involved in that your membership purchase grants you complete access to 6 additional sites!

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